Connection info:

IPv4: 6667 (SSL: 6697)
IPv6: 6667 (SSL: 6697)

Why choose Chat Corner?

  • :: Compatibility >  We support WebTV/MsnTV as well as all IRC chat clients made for PC/MAC. If it can connect to IRC, it will connect to our network. This includes (but isn’t not limited to): mIRC, PIRCH, BitchX, Trillian, DreamCast, Chat-compatible computer games like Unreal Tournament, browser clients such as ChatZilla, and more! Just point your IRC client to ; port 6667 – We even have SSL (Use port +6697 ) and now IPv6 (Use with any port we offer) Click here for how to connect.
  • :: Accessibility >  Got an existing channel on another chat program and want to move it here? We have a free java chat applet for use on your website! This java chat applet is completely customizable, runs with no ads, and no spam mail is ever sent to you. Click here for more info.
  • :: Anonymity >  Your IP/hostname is cloaked and only visible to yourself and IRC Operators. Chat Corner will not give out your IP/hostname or misuse it in any way. See our privacy page. *NOTE: Some channels may remove hostmasking due to health concerns for their users. See #help if any concerns.
  • :: Reliability >  We have multiple servers on multiple networks to ensure at least part of the network remains online in the event of upgrades or hardware problems. Our servers strictly run only IRC daemons and our web sites thus reducing the chance of downtime due to software upgrades or shell user problems.
  • :: Control >  You control your own chat room. You have 100% control of your chatroom, as long as you’re not hosting illegal content (as listed on our Rules page.) We do not interfere with chatrooms unless illegal content is reported.
  • :: Security >  We make an effort to watch out for people with mischievous intentions. However, due to the large number of users on our network, please think before giving out personal info. Do not give out your full name, address, telephone number, or Social Security number. Click here for tips on child safety.
  • :: Friendly Staff >  Our staff is here to answer all of your IRC related questions in a kind and timely manner. We only work with the friendliest volunteers. Treat us with respect and it will be shown back to you.