Clone/Session limits

Closing Link: testnick[] * (Killed (OperServ (Session limit exceeded)))

Session Limit is to prevent cloning and/or flooding on the Chat Corner IRC Network. When you see a “Session limit exceeded” message, it means that more than five (5) connections from (your) IP/host are being made to our servers. Since our network doesn’t allow cloning, you are being disconnected if you make more than five (5) simultaneous connections from your unique host. If you then proceed to connect more clones, you will then be banned from the network.

If you are using a corporate firewall or other type of IP masquerading or Internet connection sharing with a lot of users, we can make a Session Limit exception. Session limit exceptions are made by the CC Network Staff. Contact an admin in #help or e-mail us at admin @ to request a Session limit exception. Please be advised that a good reason is required to get an Session limit exception. For an example – The Session limit exception cannot be granted to home LANs, only LANS that truly need them*.

* It’s up to the network staff to decide who really needs an exception and who does not.

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