Chat Corner FAQ! (Frequently Asked Questions)


II. Channels

III. Services

IV. Network

V. User


1. What is IRC?
IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. IRC is a multi-user system that allows many people to meet on channels (or rooms) to talk or play games in groups or privately. Each channel is designated with a # sign in front of its name. To connect, you will need an IRC chat client such as mIRC (windows),
Pirch (windows), BitchX (linux), Webtv or a Chat Applet.

2. What is a bot?

A bot is a program that looks like an opped user while on IRC. It connects just like a user would. The bots help the owner to run their channels in various ways. They make shortcut commands available and can be set to monitor things such as language, excess use of capital letters, flooding, etc. They will kick to warn the user to stop and then ban if the behavior is repeated. Our services bots are available to any channel owner free of charge. They will enter the channel whenever the first user does and not leave until the channel is empty.

3. Can I run my own bot?
Yes, you may download and run your own bot as long as you keep it in your own channel or a channel where you have permission to take it. However, any bots that are mainly used to cause trouble to a channel or network are not permitted, such as War Bots or Clone Bots, among others. If you are caught running one of these disruptive bots on Chat Corner, you will be asked to remove it, or be killed, or for repeat offenses you will receive a network ban. All bots should be set usermode +B (/mode BOT +B) and follow our botmotd (Type: /botmotd on the server).


1. How can I find a list of the channels on the network?
You can see a list of the currently active channels by typing: /list or by clicking the Rooms button if you’re using Java. To join a channel, simple double click the one you wish to join in the list or type: /join #channelname. You must always include the # before the channel’s name. Unfortunately, webtv/msntv cannot see a list of channels unless the irc they use has them on it.

2. Why is no one talking?
People often chat and do other things at the same time. They might even be chatting in another chat room. Either be patient and wait for someone to speak to you or try joining another channel. You might even want to leave and try the channel a little later.

3. What are those @ symbols I see by nicknames?
The @ you see is used in IRC to denote who in the channel has op (operator) status. In IRC, channels are controlled by channel operators. They have the ability to kick people out, ban them from a channel and/or change the topic. Just a suggestion: Don’t go into a channel asking to be given ops. That will come in time possibly. Be kind and hang around and eventually you may be trusted with operator status.

4. Why do people get upset if I use capital letters LIKE THIS all the time?

It’s considered annoying and rude. Capital letters are the IRC equivalent of shouting. You don’t need to use capital letters to get your point across.

5. Can I swear?
It depends on the channel you are in. Some channels do not mind while others have users who prefer not to see that and/or children who frequent the channel. Extreme forms of swearing are almost always frowned upon and will most likely result in an instant ban from most channels. #Help only allows PG-13 chat. No swearing, no adult conversations.

6. What is flooding?

Flooding is the practice of sending large quantities of text to a channel or person usually with the sole purpose of disrupting normal chat. It also includes asking the same question over and over. If a bot detects flooding, or sometimes another user’s client such as mirc, it will automatically kick you from the channel. Flooders will usually be kicked/banned from a channel by a channel operator. Severe forms of flooding will result in an IRC Operator banning you from the network as it puts stress upon the server.

7. What is spam?
Spam is blatantly posting a link to a game or site in the channel and is a guaranteed way to annoy the operators. Some links are ok to paste as long as it’s within the context of the current channel conversation. If you are in doubt, be sure to ask an operator before pasting it. Joining a chat room for the sole purpose of pasting a URL is guaranteed to result in your removal from the channel and possibly a ban from the entire network.

8. I’ve been banned from a channel. What can I do?

Memo or speak to one of the channel operators of that channel. IRC Operators cannot interfere in channel politics and cannot unban you. However, if you do not know who to speak to, come to the #help channel to get the name of the channel owner or op who you may then contact on your own.

9. What is the #help room?
This is the official network help channel where you can always find the network’s IRC Operators and Administrators. They help keep the network running smoothly and will be glad to help you with any problems you encounter during chat, as well as help you to register your nickname, set up your own channel or add a java applet to your webpage to connect to Chat Corner. Please be patient if no one answers you at first. IRC Operators donate their time to the network, working behind the scenes at times or simply enjoying chat themselves. Usually there is
always someone there to greet you. If no one answers, check back at a later time or memo one of the ops there with your problem. Chat Corner staff have ops (@ symbol), and their nicknames are listed on our staff page.


10. Who controls my chat room?
YOU do. We will not interfere unless you ask for our help. The only exceptions would be if Network rules were being violated, in which case we would speak with you about it. You should add a few ops to your access list so someone can control the room when you aren’t able to be there. Rooms expire if unattended after 30 consecutive days!


1. What are services?
Services is what allows a user to own and control a nickname or chat room. There are 4 services available to you: NickServ, ChanServ, MemoServ and BotServ (BotServ has been moved to ChanServ). Commands for each may be found on our services page or by typing /msg *serv help (replace the word *serv with the service you need help with). NickServ manages and maintains nicknames. ChanServ manages and maintains channels. MemoServ manages memos sent and received by users. BotServ manages the services bots.

2. How many nicknames can I register?

You may register up to 10 nicknames per email address, however, you need to remember that if you don’t identify on each one at least once in a 30 day period they will be dropped by NickServ as inactive. This also applies to nicknames which you’ve GROUPED together. When you group nicknames, you’re only allowed 10 per group.

3. How many channels can I register?
Up to 10 channels per registered nickname. Once again, if the channels are not entered by the owner or a channel op who has identified and opped at least once every 30 days, ChanServ will drop the registration as inactive.

4. What does grouping nicknames do?

It allows you to group your nicknames under one password. You can switch back and forth between the nicknames once you identify without having to identify each time you change.

5. The commands won’t work for me. What am I doing wrong?
There are a few things that you may be doing wrong. The most common are: simply spelling NickServ, ChanServ, MemoServ or BotServ wrong, forgetting the / before the command, adding your nickname to the NickServ registration command, forgetting to put the # before the channel name for ChanServ commands or forgetting to identify. Java users commonly try to type the commands using bolds or colored text. Services will not see commands typed in anything but the default text.

6. I’ve forgotten my password for my nickname or channel. What can I do?

Join the #help channel and ask an IRC Operator to have services send it to the email address you registered with.

7. I made a mistake when identifying and now users know my password. Can I change it?
Yes, you can by simply typing: /msg NickServ set password newpassword. Insert the new password you want for the word newpassword.

8. My nickname and/or channel were registered. Now they aren’t. What happened?

You failed to identify at least once in the 30 day period. Any channels that were registered to your nickname, unless you specified a successor, also were dropped by services.

9. My nickname/channel dropped from registration and now another user has registered it. What can I do?
Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do, other than politely ask them to return it. All users are urged to keep their registrations current. Whoever registers a nick or channel first, owns it.

IV. Network…

1. Do I need a password to connect to irc.chatcorner.live?
No, none at all

2. Will other users be able to get my IP if I connect?

No, the server automatically masks your IP to other users. If you do a /whois on yourself, YOU can see it, but other normal users cannot. Only official Chat Corner IRC Operators can see your real host. We will not give it our or misuse it in any way. We only use it to set bans if you misbehave.

3. Who do I contact if I feel I’ve been unfairly banned from the network?
Goto our contact page and include your nickname and ban message or post to our forum at:
http://<no forums currently>
Someone will give you an answer within a short period of time. Give a short description of what happened, your username and your ip (if emailing). Do not include your ip on the forum.

4I can’t connect to the server. What can I do?
If you are getting a ban message, then contact admin@chatcornerDOTlive. If not, then there may be a problem on the network or with your connection. Be patient and just keep trying. Occasionally, a firewall can cause you problems.

5. What is a netsplit?
Netsplits, unfortunately, are an unavoidable part of the IRC world. A netsplit is the loss of contact between two or more IRC servers. Most networks use a linear topology which means each server is connected in line to the next, which is connected to the next one, and so forth. When two servers lose contact, the network is essentially split into 2 networks. Users remain in contact with other users on their side of the network split and lose contact with other users, who appear to have quickly departed. Any netsplits on Chat Corner are reconnected quickly unless it is a problem beyond the admin’s control, such as a problem on our host’s end.

6Is warez allowed to be exchanged on Chat Corner?

No. Mass/Public trading of illegal files or any kind is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to: file serves via users and bots, other scripts used to trade files, etc. We host chat rooms only, not file trading rooms.

7. I’ve seen an adult user acting inappropriately toward a juvenile in a chat room. What should I do?
Report it to an IRC Operator or Admin immediately in #help.

8. What are IRCops?
IRCops (Not IRC Cops) are network operators who help keep the network running smoothly and help you with any problems you may encounter during chat. You can always go to the #help channel to request help with network related problems.

9. I have a complaint against one of the IRCops. What should I do?

Join the #help channel and ask to speak to one of the Admin privately. The current admin can be found on the staff page on the right. Any complaints about inappropriate behavior of a staff member are taken seriously. However, we do request that you provide accurate logs with time stamping of the incident to substantiate your complaint.

10. How do I know who is really on the staff of Chat Corner?
Our staff page lists all the names of our staff. Occasionally a few helpers may have joined since the staff page was last updated. You can ask in #help at any time if you have questions on a staff member.

11. How can I become an IRCop?
First off, repeated asking does not help. Admins tend not to pick folks who beg to be made an IRC Operator. We prefer to choose someone who is around often and makes themselves known through helping rather than pestering. A willingness to help is a definite must as IRC Operators must spend a lot of their time helping users. By following proper etiquette, kindness, helpfulness and respectfulness, you will raise your chances of being noticed tremendously. When an Admin feels you are ready, they will approach you. Users who will not be considered for IRC Operator status are those who:

  • Want the IRC Operator privileges for the /kill command
  • Think the IRC Operator privileges are a sign of power
  • Think being an IRC Operator is “kewl”
  • Are not around much
  • Make a nuisance of themselves, lack respect, or behaving inappropriately
  • Do not know the IRC commands well
  • Treat other users rudely
  • Are not mature
  • Are under the age of 16

12. Does this server have SSL? (secure socket layer)
Yes. Use port +6697 or +5559 for SSL connections to server irc.chatcorner.live. For more information visit our SSL page.

V. User issues…

1. What do I do if another user is bothering me?
Use /ignore nickname. Replace nickname with the person’s nickname that you wish to ignore. After doing this, you will no longer see anything the user says. If multiple users are being harassed, please ask an op to kick/ban this individual from the channel. If you get multiple PMs (whispers) from users, please report it to #help!
**NOTE: Java users do not have an ignore command. They must use the server’s /silence command.
/silence ignores messages from a user or list of users at the Server itself.
Silence is not permanent, unlike Ignore. You must re-add a /silence every time you connect to the chat network to continue the ignore. 

Syntax: SILENCE +nickname (Adds a nickname to SILENCE list)
SILENCE -nickname (Removes a nickname from the SILENCE list)
SILENCE (Lists the current SILENCE list)

Example: If user Bob123 is being disrespectful, simply type: /silence +Bob123


2. What is the Ping? Pong! I sometimes see in my status window?
That’s the result of the server pinging you to see if you’re still on the system. Your IRC program responds automatically. You can disable this in mIRC, please ask in #help.

3. Someone is using my nickname. What can I do?
If your nickname is not registered, then you must wait until the other user leaves before you can use it. If you have registered the nickname, then try using the ghost command: /msg NickServ ghost nickname password. Often no one is actually using your nickname. Services is just holding it after you’ve gotten disconnected and reconnected. Ghosting it will enable you to switch back to it.

4. My nickname is registered. How can someone else still use it?
Another user can still use your nickname, they just can’t identify to the server without your password. The way to prevent this is to set the KILL option on your nickname. This option will give you 60 seconds to identify to the server using your password or your nickname will be changed to a guest nick. The command is: /msg NickServ set kill on.

5. How can I see if my friend is connected to the network?

You can use this command: /whois nickname. It will show you if your friend is connected to IRC and what channel he or she is in if they are.

6. I don’t see the channel I like in the channel list. Why not?
It may be that no one is in the channel right then, or it has been set as secret (+s). Only active channels are shown in the channels list. Check back later or visit your room’s website (if it has one).

7. How many channels can I join at once?

Up to 15. This will not be changed as it is sufficient enough to run your own room(s) and still be in a friend’s.

Errors or wish to add anything? Use the contact page above!
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