Privacy Policy – IRC Server

Chat Corner IRC Network (referred as CCIRC hereafter) and all websites pertaining therein (,, do NOT collect any information about you or your computer. We do not use any software or email lists to collect data.

CCIRC respects your privacy and will not ever intercept a private message sent to or from you. We do not run any abusive modules or code changes that allow this. This can be checked by typing: /module while connected to the chat network.

Private Messages are just that, private.

*** However, please be aware that upon connecting to the World Wide Web (aka Internet), anything you do is NOT secure or private. Any website you visit can log your visit, including IP address, locality, and/or last visited website.

CCIRC has a host cloaking feature so your IP/hostname will never be seen by any users except official CCIRC Staff. We hereby claim that we, CCIRC Staff, will not use your IP for any intents or purposes other than to remove you from the IRC network (if this action is deemed appropriate). We also will NEVER give out any user IPs/hostnames to anyone, for any reason. So don’t ask. HOWEVER, there may be channels which remove hostmasking for the health of their users. See #help if you have any concerns.

We will NEVER ask you for your password. If someone claiming to be a staff member asks for your password, please report them to an op (@ symbol by their nickname) in #Help. — You can also see our staff page (On the top menu) for a list of official staff members!

We will NEVER ask for any personal information, including but not limited to: full name, home address, telephone numbers, social security numbers, etc.

If you’re approached or messaged by someone who claims that they are a staff member, do a /whois NICKNAME and you should see this:

William is * …
William is a registered nick
William is a Network Administrator (or IRC Operator or Server Administator)
William is available for help.
William is using a Secure Connection
William End of /WHOIS list.

At lease three things can identify this person as a trustful source:

  • 1.) Their host is,,, or” – The only official network hosts.
  • 2.) They have “Network Administrator”, “Server Administrator”, or “IRC Operator” in their WHOIS (NOTE: Network Helpers and Trainees do not have this!)
  • and 3.) They are “available for help”

If they don’t have those three things in their WHOIS, don’t trust them!

Only services will ask you to identify, be sure that they are official services by /whois SERVICENAME

ChanServ is * Channel Registration Service
ChanServ is using modes +oS
ChanServ using Services for Chat Corner IRC Network
ChanServ is a Network Service
chanserv End of /WHOIS list.

All service bots will have the host “”, the server being “”, and the note “is a Network Service” in their WHOIS!

If in doubt, please check our staff page.

If you have any questions, or to report a possible staff impersonator, please see us in #help (Click CHAT NOW at the top menu)