Quick Links

Listed here are all of our online documents. Please take a few minutes to read them over.

Start your own chat room – A quick guide on how to setup a chat room on your website!
Child Safety – One of our main concerns is the safety of children who use our chat service.
Public Classes – Any upcoming public class times will be listed here. Also contains transcripts of past classes (Coming soon)
Using SSL – How to enable SSL and connect securely to our network.
Clone Limits – How many clones you may connect to our network.
Helper Program – How to become a staff member on our network.
IRC Commands – Some basic IRC commands to help get you started.
Link to us – Our server linking policy.
FAQ – Our Frequently Asked Questions.
Privacy Policy WEBSITE – Our website’s privacy policy and how it affects you.
Privacy Policy IRC – Our IRC network’s privacy policy and how it affects you.
Proxy Scanner – Our proxy scanner checks every connection for open proxies. (Not running)
Rules – Our rules must be obeyed when using our chat service or this website.
Server List – A list of all of our connected servers. (Only have one server right now)
Server Upgrades – (Now posted to NEWS)
Staff – Our current up-to-date staff listing.
Stay secure – How to keep your computer secure.
Channel Modes – All of the channel modes our IRCd software supports.
User Modes – All of the channel modes our IRCd software supports.
Services – A list of various service bots used to control your channels and nicknames.
Forums (Offline) – Our official forums: A place for random talk and where to go if the network is down.