Chat Corner IRC Chat Network Rules/Guidelines

NOTICE: We hereby state that any unlawful/illegal conduct will not be tolerated. This network is primarily located in the United States and thus will follow all laws and regulations in accordance with U.S. Law.

1.) Any form of harassment is prohibited.

Harassment of ANY user or channel in PM or in a network help room that cannot be solved with a room ban and/or /ignore is prohibited. Other types of prohibited harassment include:

  • Creating a room name or nick name for the sole purpose of insulting or ridiculing a user or channel is another form of harassment and will be dealt with immediately. Channel topics containing racist slang or insults against another user, channel, our server, or a staff member of our network will be dealt with at the discretion of the admin.
  • Channel and Nickname takeovers are considered harassment and will be dealt with severely. Impersonating a staff member or channel service bot to extort information such as passwords and email addresses will result in a permanent ban from the network, no questions asked.
  • Evading channel or network bans is considered a form of harassment and will not be tolerated.

2.) Any form of racism is prohibited.
Racist or offensive nicknames or channel names will be regarded as abuse and will not be tolerated. If you think it may be offensive, don’t even try it. This includes but is not limited to: any race, religion, or sexual orientation.

3.) Any form of threats is prohibited.
Threats of any kind against any user, channel, staff member, or service we provide will not be tolerated. Threats include but are not limited to: private messages, channel topics, quit messages, etc.

4.) Any form of pornography is prohibited.
No pornography discussions in public channels of any type. We are a clean network.

Chat rooms are allowed to have adult discussions if they are be monitored for under-age users regularly. They also must either be set secret (channel mode: +s) OR have “18+” very visible in the start of the topic. (Please see an op in #Help about setting secret rooms)

Chats that deal with trading of pornographic pictures and/or video, are forbidden. No exceptions.

We also ask that you do not publicly use foul language, such as in official network channels (#help, #lobby, #trivia) or use them in your /WHOIS (Not limited to NICKNAME, IDENT, GECOS (“REAL NAME”), or AWAY MESSAGE.)

*** We are a family oriented chat network, keep all visible channel topics PG-13!
This includes all swearwords in all languages. Racist words deemed inappropriate by staff will also be asked to be removed. Slang, insults, and other such objects may be asked to be removed too.

5.) Any form of flooding and/or spamming is prohibited.
Flooding of any user, channel , or service is prohibited. Spamming, including the following, is also prohibited:

  • Online game spamming (like Outwar, etc.) – Please note these URLs are allowed in private rooms.
  • IRC network spamming
  • Abusive website spamming (like shock sites, browser killer sites, lag sites)
  • DoS / ICMP / Ping attacks

Any harmful attack on any user or server of our network is prohibited. These attacks will be reported to your ISP and the proper authorities based on the severity of the crime. Flooding (sending multiple lines of text in a short time span to a user or channel) is a type of attack and will be dealt with.

6.) Any form of copyrighted/trademarked file sharing is prohibited.
Trading of copyrighted or trademarked works of any form is prohibited. Any other illegal file trading is not tolerated. Any mass-file sharing occurring in a channel is prohibited. File-sharing bots and/or FServes are also prohibited. NO WAREZ!

7.) Any form of clones or clone attacks are prohibited.
You may only have a maximum of five (5) connections per hostname/IP on the network at one time. This is to prevent clone flooding and abuse of our system. Any more and you risk getting killed automatically by our clone detectors. For more info click: Clone limits.

8.) Any form of open proxies, war bots, Infected virus/trojan computers are prohibited.
Proxies, Open gateways, and Inappropriate vHosts (see below) are prohibited. Any bot designed to be used maliciously towards users or channels is also prohibited. ALL bots must obey the /botmotd ! Any drones/botnets will be found and swiftly dealt with.
For more info, click: Proxy Scanner.

9.) Any abusive vHosts are prohibited.
Any abuse coming from a vHost (a host other than your ISP) will not be tolerated. Abuse of Chat Corner vHosts, like channel owner vHosts and the like, will also not be tolerated. vHosts containing profanity, insults, racial slurs, hacking terms, and other harsh tones deemed inappropriate by our staff will be asked to be removed.

10.) Any form of TOR clients are prohibited.

Due to previous abuse, TOR is prohibited on the Chat Corner IRC Network. Any open TOR networks will be automatically banned. We provide basic host masking so you do not need TOR to hide your IP. It is hidden except to yourself and IRC Operators. If you want to hide your city/location, use an appropriate vHost, but TOR is not welcome.

11.) Any form of hacking is prohibited.
Hacking, Hacking-related rooms, and/or Threatening to Hack/DDoS/Packet, etc. is prohibited and will be dealt with severely. Please don’t discuss hacking in public channels.

Any brute forcing passwords or access attempts to our network will be logged and your IP address will be banned from the system.

Please show each other respect and you will be treated the same. We’re just here to have a fun chatting experience for everyone!

Since we are privately owned and operated, we reserve the right to disconnect any user and/or close any chat room on this network at any time. We will take action if we think that a user, channel, or service is threatened.

If you disagree, please disconnect from our chat network and exit this website.