Start your own chat room

Welcome Facebook users!

Setting up your own private (or public, if you wish) chat room on your website can be done in four easy steps.

  1.   Connect to our server :: Click Chat Now above and join the room you wish to register: /join #ExampleRoom
  2.   Register your nickname :: type: /msg nickserv register SomePasswordHere
    * Please note: Your password is case sensitive – Hello is not hello. Use a valid email address in case you forget your password, we can have services email it to you.
  3.   Register your channel :: type: /msg chanserv register #ExampleRoom Small description about your room
    * You don’t need anything special for a description, just whatever you wish. It’s only visible when someone does a /msg chanserv info #ExampleRoom
  4.   Add an applet to your website :: You can either link to our applet, or embed a Mibbit or Kiwi IRC applet in your website using iFrames. Make sure you change #ExampleRoom to your own room!

Chat Corner hosted Kiwi server:
Mibbit snippet to embed:
Kiwi IRC snippet to embed: